In the Fall of 2015, I taught a graduate course on Pacific and International Eco-Poetics. Throughout the semester, I collaborated with online news site, The Hawaii Independent, to engage with a a public audience and to raise awareness, through poetry, about the environment, climate change, sustainability, resource use, development, militarism and conservation.

pacific eco


  1. Introduction to Pacific Eco-Poetics
  2. Solastalgia 
  3. Waikiki, Raw Sewage, and the Necropastoral
  4. The Ocean in Us
  5. The Poetry of Disaster
  6. Creation Stories and Indigenous Eco-Poetics
  7. The Poetry of Extinction
  8. The Poetry of Plastic
  9. Nuclear and Heliographic Poetry
  10. Black Eco-Poetics
  11. Poetry for the ʻŌhiʻa (1)
  12. Poetry for the ʻŌhiʻa (2)
  13. Poems for Fiji after Cyclone Winston
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